I was absolutely crestfallen when I visited one of my favorite food Web sites, TasteSpotting and found this notice. Until more information is released by the Web site’s owner we can only guess at the type of legal action they face. I miss their beautiful food photography and links to hundreds of tried and true recipes.

Legal action related to blogs, Web sites and copyrighted materials was on my mind when I saw this story about the Associated Press enforcing the protection of its copyrighted material that is quoted online. The resolution of this complicated copyright issue could affect millions of bloggers who, like me, reference news items that elicit a strong or amusing response.

I hope that an agreement that can be reached that allows TasteSpotting to come back in some sort or fashion. And that general guidelines can be widely adopted for quoting and crediting another’s content on our own Web sites. Until the general blogging public better understands its obligations with regards to copyrighted materials, the least we can do is credit our sources and use an ounce of caution.

UPDATE:  TasteSpotting returned on Friday, June 27 to cheers from everyone at Sinclair & Co.