Cameron Village

We’re about to end our third month in the new office, and I think we’re pretty settled in.  We had some guests in from out-of-town this week, so we were properly inspired to unpack those last two boxes and organize the storage closet.

Like all of our workspaces, my desk has two huge windows with a view of the Harris Teeter at Cameron Village.  In these three months I’ve learned that there is never a slow time at the ‘Teeter.  And that traffic in and out of its parking lot is always a risky procedure.

To take advantage of this warm, but not too-hot summer day, Emily and I walked to Cameron Village for lunch.  The Village Deli is now (and always has been) a favorite and popular lunchtime spot with plenty of outdoor seating.  After an excellent lunch, we browsed at some of our favorite shops nearby, giving me gift ideas for my sister’s upcoming birthday.

So while I do miss a few things about working in downtown Raleigh, chiefly being within walking-distance of The Raleigh Times, Cameron Village is turning out to be as great of a place to work as we hoped.