Recently we held a training day for a client where we focused on media relations and public speaking.  I did not participate in the training that day, but was able to listen in from my desk.

In the training materials that Emily and Karen Stinneford prepared, they provided some pointers on how to effectively deliver a message.  I’ll let them tell you more about those, but from my desk I was able to observe how they practiced what they preached.

In Emily’s material, she recommended keeping a dynamic conversation going with people you meet at tradeshows and networking events.  While Emily was presenting this material, she was very good at grabbing the participants (and my) attention by changing the energy of her voice, her tone, her inflection.  From my place across the room, I realized how these subtle changes do get your attention.

Karen Stinneford provided pointers on how to talk with reporters, and she stressed that talking slowly, clearly and concisely allows a reporter to understand your key messages and record them properly.  When Karen delivered her message, I noticed her talking in an even pace, and pausing to allow the audience to receive her message.

In this training it wasn’t just what Karen and Emily presented that taught the client how to be a strong, effective communicator, but it was also how they presented it.