The party’s over. But the celebration continues.

We’re still buzzing about our recent soirée and are so happy so many of you could join us.

It’s hard to believe 20 years have passed. But then I remember being one of the first agencies to go “digital,” with a MacIntosh SE with 2 MB of Ram and a 20 MB hard drive. I remember buying our first fax machine.  I remember drafting tables and amberlith and rubylith and non-repro blue.

Without a doubt, our world has gotten even more colorful, as anyone who’s ever visited our offices can attest.

So today we start storing memories for the next twenty years. The first ones to go into the memory bank? These great photos from our Twentieth Anniversary Celebration. And yes, we included some food shots for those who asked.

We hope you enjoy the slideshow. And we hope that those who couldn’t be with us can still share in the fun.

To all of you, thanks for your support and friendship in helping us reach this milestone.