I spend a good deal of time managing email campaigns, especially thinking about how recipients will respond to what is being sent.  The HTML email templates we’ve designed for our clients give outbound emails a strong brand identity and visually pleasing way to display content.

The recipients’ experience came to mind when I received an email notification that my auto insurance premium is due at the end of the month.  Here’s a screenshot so you can see what they sent:

My insurance carrier could make this notification a much more pleasant experience for me by moving away from a black and white email with a paragraph of all-caps.

I wish that I could have our designers create a nice branded email template they could use to remind me again who insures my car (something that’s too easy to forget).  I would include a prominent, stylish button that connects me to a login to my account to pay my bill.  The amount due would be in a nice font and a nice color that would make it stand out from the paragraphs of legalese.

Please, make it easier for me to see what matters most.

Every email is an opportunity to continue building your relationship with your audience.  Even the most routine message shouldn’t be overlooked.