I’ve been attending the AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists) Annual Meeting and Exposition yearly with one or more clients for over ten years. This year in Chicago we had three clients at the meeting.

The commonalities: They’re all there to get exposure, make connections, get new leads, catch up with key clients, etc. And of course, they all want to feel like the trip (and the expense) was worth it in the end.

But there are quite a few differences. Each one had a different booth size, different strategy and a very different outlook on the show.

The challenge for me is to support each one with the right amount of attention. And to be there when they need me and to get things done for them. Whether it’s helping with basic booth strategy, troubleshooting structure or booth layout problems, or executing a PR campaign during the show, I really enjoy working with each one and helping them get the most out of the show.

I also enjoy going around and looking at the companies who are new, who have rebranded, or who have invested in a new booth or campaign. And it seemed that 2012 was a year for added expense when it came to booth space and branding. Quite a few companies added to their space with more and bigger structures, or with new creative campaigns.

I look forward each year to assisting in the planning and strategy sessions for AAPS – and to seeing those plans being implemented.

We’re already thinking about next year and what we can do that’s new and different in San Antonio!