One day last week I (not so) shamefully used “pinteresting” in a sentence — at work. And it wasn’t over lunch, chatting about my free time. I’ve recently set up a few agency Pinterest boards to showcase our work. It could be a good idea for your company, too. If you sell a product, say earrings or even refrigerators, you’ve got ready-made pins for Pinterest. It’s a bit harder for b-to-b, but it can still be worthwhile.

Starting the agency’s Pinterest account wasn’t a lot different than starting to browse Pinterest in your PJs from your couch. First, create a company account with Pinterest. You can create the account using your Twitter or Facebook accounts, or simply create a unique username and password. From there you can upload a picture or company logo and fill in other specifics on your profile. After that, all that’s left is to create a few boards and add some pins.

We’ve set up a number of different types of boards: by client, by project type, etc. Some boards showcase a recent project we’ve completed while others have a range of clients shown, but all one particular service.

Sinclair Co.'s Pinterest Boards

We’ve also created some just-for-fun boards, like our Holiday Favorites board. Here we’re spreading holiday cheer and sharing our favorite holiday recipes. We’ve incorporated the pins into blog, Facebook and Twitter postings.

Sinclair Co.'s Holiday Pinterest Board

If you’re looking for a way to improve your company’s visual representation, Pinterest is a great place to start. Pinterest boards leave a lasting impression on your new business meetings and are a great tool to incorporate into your overall marketing efforts.